I didn’t just have one surgery.  I had TWO.  It took me failing ONE and ALMOST failing a second bariatric surgery to realize that the answer wasn’t going to be surgery…the answer is ME.  The question turned out being…What is going to get me to my ultimate weight loss and health goal.  The process of going through bariatric surgery is exciting, terrifying, overwhelming, encouraging and staggering.  You deserve to have support, guidance and someone in your corner to keep you motivated, encouraged and excited from day one of surgery. 

For those who have recently had surgery and even those 10+ years out who may have lost their way, we will work together to get back to what you know works.  We will focus on how you got to where you are now, how to modify your lifestyle and get back to or get you to exactly where you want to be. 

For those just starting on your journey, we will work together with your doctor’s surgery recommendations to ensure you are staying compliant from before surgery, through surgery and long after surgery.

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