What is Lifestyle Coaching?

- As a lifestyle coach, it is my passion to support you in building a healthy and fit lifestyle that revolves around the lifestyle you currently live.  Your family, work and responsibilities will always be there and we will work together to build a healthy and fit life that incorporates all of things while still getting you to your person health and fitness goals.  It doesn't happen overnight but it is possible.

College Lifestyle

Busy Work/Life Balance 

Family Work/Life Balance 

Learning the basics of Meal Prep and Planning 

What is Bariatric Lifestyle Coaching?

- After personally going through Bariatric Surgery, I noticed that the post-operative support during the year following surgery were minimal.  I couldn't rely on strangers on Facebook and various Forums to really be able to give me sound advice and found that I had to figure it out on my own.  I have kept my weight off, I have had no stalls and not one pound of re-gain.  I have spent years understanding the surgery process, the psychology of the process as well as the phases of building a new lifestyle with your new tool.  Whether you just had surgery or you are 10 years out, we can work together to re-gain a life and lose the weight you set out to lose.