1 on 1 Skype / Phone Coaching 

In our 1 on 1 sessions, we will discuss your goals, your progress and set goals for the upcoming weeks to get you to your bigger goals.  We will work together to slowly build a lifestyle that is fit for you, your family and your goals for the future.  We will build a custom plan including; meals, activity and lifestyle aspects that include sleep, rest, down time and time with friends and family.  

$100.00 per session (each session is 1 hour) 

1 on 1 in-home Lifestyle Coaching and Personal Training 

In our 1 on 1 sessions in-home, we will go through a day in your life, we will go through your kitchen and your home to assess where we can make modifications to better support your new lifestyle.  We will create a workout that you can do at home when you are tight on time but will still help get you to your fitness goals.  

(For those in the surrounding Chicago Area and Midwest- pricing subject to change based on travel) 

$200.00 per session (each session is 1 hour) 

Call me, beep me package

All of my clients have the option to be able to reach me anytime.  I know how frustrating it is to not have the guidance when you need it.  When you add-on this service, you are able to text/email anytime you want or when you need some extra guidance and motivation/  Emails and texts are all responded to by end of business day. 

$150.00 per week for service.  (Must be a client utilizing any of the above two services)